S.1 Discretionary Places


S.1 Discretionary Places
Application Regulations and Form

Application Regulations

Application Form
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In view of the development of the epidemic, P.6 students/parents who are unable to apply in person may consider submitting the application form (with the EDB’s slip, the school’s slip, and the parent’s slip), related documents (please refer to the Application Regulations), and three stamped envelopes by post from 3 Jan to 17 Jan 2023 (both dates inclusive.) The postmark date on the envelope will be regarded as the date of application. The School will return the “Parent’s slip” by post after receiving the Application Form from the parents.

1. Registered mail is highly recommended if parents apply by post.
2. Please enclose three stamped envelopes with the correct address written on the cover.
3. Please reserve time for posting.

Parents should be reminded that the School bears no responsibility for missing any documents during posting or missing the deadline due to late delivery.

The purpose of the collection of information:
The personal data provided in this form will be used for the application procedure of S.1 Discretionary Places. Personal data of the candidate will be destroyed after the selection process. Should you have any enquiries, pleases contact the school office at 2570 1466.



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