During this year of leading this school community at Henrietta, I have become accustomed to not making decisions too quickly.  Due to the complex social situation, “to stop and to pray” often makes more appropriate decisions.  To be honest, in education, decisions are seldom made in a hurry.

I have two precious things that I usually do during this “stop and pray” moment. Firstly, to listen to more ideas from my Team. Experiences have allowed me to learn that pragmatic solutions often come from the forefront. Secondly, to quiet me down and listen to the voice from the Lord. “What would Jesus do?” has become my “defaulted”  question during the “stop and pray” moment.

Knowing how to ask is also important, but knowing where to find the answers is more critical.  In the past, talking with the Lord was a supernatural ritual, but today we have the Bible, and the Lord has already put all His instructions in it.  There is only one way to know His guidance, which is to memorize the Bible verses. “The godly have made God’s law their own, so they will never slip from his path.  Psalm 37:31.”  What you fill your heart and mind with is what you become.  Memorizing the Scripture allows me to meditate on His life-changing words at any time.