I once challenged my senior that if the Lord is almighty, why couldn’t He punish the wickedness with His absolute authority. It seems reasonable, but I understand the trick when I am now at the top of a hierarchy. I promote caring among my team. Should I punish those who do not express their caring toward team members with my absolute authority? I could do that, but it will not lead to real caring. It just induces fear, but there is no fear in love. The Lord can surely punish the wickedness with His authority, but He would not do that, for it would not lead to real goodness. It just induces fear, but there is no fear in love. Unlike A.I., the Lord allows us free will. A.I. follows instructions strictly, but we would not think of it caring. What the Lord requests from us is to obey His instruction with our free will. “Do everything you want to do; take it all in. But remember that you must give an account to God for everything you do. – Ecclesiastes 11:9.” The Lord gives us the free will to follow many different paths throughout our lives and pursue many different activities. But we will have to answer to Him for everything we do. Not everything we do is a call from the Lord, but everything we do is accountable to the Lord.