I’m pleased to say that my life is full of grace. But no matter how grateful it is, I still complain that life is unfair when I face dissatisfaction. I usually doubt it is our unconscious common that we all tend to understate good things people have done to us but exaggerate bad things people have done against us. I may feel grateful to have a great breakfast in the morning but grumble immediately because I couldn’t pay the bill with electronic money. I may easily stick to the thought that a kid always submits my assignment late but forget that he has just written me a birthday card. In ancient Israel, Abner shouted down to Joab, “Must we always be killing each other? Don’t you realize that bitterness is the only result?” – 2 Samuel 2:26. Bitterness grows the more we retaliate for wrongs done against us. Life is challenging, and living is full of obstacles. The unfavorable outcome is real; the wrongs against us may be real, but bitterness is an option.