Many public figures treat integrity as merely an issue of public image. I believe that it is also an issue of private faith, for I have heard an anonymous quote saying that integrity is the virtue of being good without being watched. It is not only about what we are doing under the spotlight but also what we are calculating in our hearts. That’s why the Proverbs doesn’t warn us to guard our acts but our hearts instead. Paul of Tarsus had even sublimed integrity into an issue of love. The commandments about adultery, murder, stealing, coveting, and whatever other commands there may be, are summed up in the command: “Love our neighbor as ourselves.” – Romans 13:9. Dishonesty is thus evidence that we do not care about the person we cheated on and think only of ourselves. If we really care whom we lead, always tell them the facts and never beat them around the bush. Try to keep them on the same page to allow their sincere and meaningful contribution to our leadership. It is not easy in the sinful world. But the Lord is faithful, and he will not let us be tempted beyond our ability.