I recently saw an article using the shepherd as a metaphor to discourse leadership and management in organizational change: Management is like a collie. The collie runs behind the flock. It bites the sheep who walks away from the flock. The role of a collie is like an appraisal system. It “pushes” an organizational change through reward, threat, and punishment. But only the collie yelling at the rear cannot motivate the team. No matter how many collies there are, they keep the flock together but do not give them direction. The flock needs a bellwether to guide them. Leadership is like a bellwether walking at the forefront of the flock. It is a role model for employees leading them to strive towards a lofty goal. It “pulls” an organizational change through guidance, teaching, and demonstration. Making change is an art of “push-and-pull.” “Pull without a push,” the team will fall apart; “Push without a pull,” the team will lose motivation. The article does not mention the shepherd. Where is the shepherd? Isn’t he the real leader? Psalm 23 suddenly flashes into my mind. Even as great as King David hadn’t regarded himself as the shepherd but only said: “The Lord is my shepherd. – Psalm 23:1”