The “metaphor of talents” in the book of Matthew explains the principles of the development of human resources in the kingdom of heaven. The master, in the analogy, entrusted the three servants with some assets according to their talents. Each servant was entrusted differently. Two of them made good use of their talents to double the amount entrusted. Though their performance was different, both servants were praised for being loyal and kind. But there was also one who simply did nothing because he thought he was not entrusted. The comment he got from the master was lazy and evil. It turned out that the master did not compare the three servants with each other at all but only asked them to develop their talents. But the one with the least entrustment compared his entrusted amount with the other two. All in his eyes was unfairness and the bitterness that followed. “Why judge brothers? Why do you despise brothers? Because we all stand before the Lord’s platform. – Romans 14:10. The Lord does not measure us by comparing our achievements. He has already set a commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves, as the standard for us to act.