I have learned a story about two devils discussing how to make a happy man lose his happiness without striking anything he has. I didn’t expect the way could be so simple. The man collapses when the devils let him know another man who is better than him in every way but only born poorer than him. He is just a bit richer, appears a bit smarter, achieves a bit higher, his kids are a bit cleverer, and the most heartbreaking comes from his inferior starting. The man couldn’t find an excuse for his family background. The man has nothing lost but a sense of happiness. All are replaced by dissatisfaction. “Comparison” is the devil’s trump card. Even if you do not press the button of “comparison,” there are always people around you who will initiate it for you. “See your high-school classmate, he now becomes….” Though I will say, “It’s nothing for me.”, the words tingle me. “To whom will you compare me? Or who is my equal?” says the Holy One. -Isaiah 40:25.” Comparing ourselves with others may either make us proud or upset. Why don’t we compare with the Lord? It is the best way to learn humility.