We don’t have to wait until we’re in a leadership role; everyone has the opportunity to “make decisions” every day. Yet, once we take a leadership role, our decision becomes influential. I love most the quote from General Robert E. Lee, “You must be careful how you walk and where you go, or there are those following you who will set their feet where yours are set.” The more critical the role we take, the greater is the impact of our decision - on people. So minor decisions we make every day are pieces of training that prepare us to make influential decisions in a leadership role one day. In which the influence on people is usually the main concern. In other words, our daily “trials” on decision-making should aim at flourishing people. The law of the Lord serves the same purpose. People usually think of the law as a restriction on people’s minds. But it aims at reviving our soul and making the simple wise. -Psalm 19:7. A good strategy may lead to an increase in profit or an enhancement of working efficiency, but it is not seen immediately. Instead, it usually results from the changes in people that the strategy makes.