Scholars in leadership often compare two leadership models. One is “transactional leadership,” the other is “transformational leadership.” The former model motivates people to complete tasks through rewards and punishments; the latter encourages the team to pursue excellence by introducing noble visions and enhancing the team’s sense of honor. Scholars believe that both models are important in organizational leadership. The well-known novel “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” describes warlord Cao Cao’s frustration with recruiting mighty general Guan Yu. Neither a high official post nor plenty of treasure could let Guan Yu forsake his loyalty to another warlord Liu Bei. Some people say the use of the right leadership model was the key. The transactional model can best manage minor staff, but great men seek a vision. No matter how rich the offer from Cao Cao was, they were transactions that attracted minor staff; what Guan Yu got from Liu Bei were vision, ideals, responsibility, and glory. These are the real yearnings of great heroes. A verse in the Bible let me realize if we are insignificant or great heroes in the eyes of the Lord: “Man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.- Deuteronomy 8:3”. All of His words are exactly the vision, ideal, responsibility, and glory that we yearn for in our entire life.