The education mindset in certain Chinese communities is so embarrassing. Kids attending kindergarten are forced to study the primary school curriculum, and kids attending primary school are driven to study the secondary school curriculum. When the kids have entered secondary school, they are hastened to study the college-level curriculum. But in observing the young graduates, we may be surprised by their innocent in managing personal stuff that is supposed to be learned in kindergarten. Masked by their bright academic background and strong working ability is their superficial understanding of interpersonal relationships, childish manner, and terrible emotional management. Even a mild setback can strike them down. Explosive power is critical in a 100M dash, but in a marathon, stamina is deterministic. Human development doesn’t look like a 100M dash unless the kids are doomed to be short-lived. In HK, parents are often anxious about the kids’ learning pace. They spur the kids’ learning seem believing that learning has a destination. I am unsure if they know what “the end of learning” is. The Bible has a wise saying that the Lord’s word is a lamp to guide our feet and a light for our path – Psalm 119:105. Our life journey is full of traps. Personal ambition has rushed many people the wrong way. Parents are advised to let the kids walk slowly with the lamp of the Lord and wait patiently before recognizing the path with the true light.