I saw last week in the MTR an old couple with a very similar appearance. I guess it is not uncommon, especially among old couples, for there is a psychological explanation. In a human relationship, there exists a tendency to imitate each other. To get the approval of others, people please others unconsciously by imitating their speaking style, accent, and facial expressions. Over time, the couple’s facial muscles change, making them appear more similar. In fact, imitation in human interaction is far more than speaking style or facial expressions. There is a Hebrew idiom: “Iron sharpens iron.” The mutual influence on values, belief, and temperament are more in-depth. The way of choosing friends has long been great wisdom since ancient times. Friends or companions can even determine our accomplishments. “Bad company corrupts good character. – 1 Corinthians: 15:33.” If the influence of friends prevents us from building a good character, stay away from them because they can ruin our future. Make friends with people who will let us know more about God. It doesn’t mean that only Christians are worthy of being friends, but a person who can let us know God will let us know our noble identity – a noble creation of God. They will appreciate our strengths. They will accept our shortcomings, and more importantly, they will make us imitate not only the speaking style, accent, and facial expression of Jesus but also his value, belief, and temperament unconsciously.