I have been spending most of my time building my team and strengthening my kids’ self-confidence in these couple of years. The team serves the next generation with a clear vision. Together, we empower the kids and help them see that they are stronger than they can imagine. Turning vague and abstract ideas into visible pictures has been difficult; motivating people to take part in the picture is more challenging. Before any tiny accomplishment, must be unexpected obstacles. The kids’ ability is good enough, but they do not dare to take on challenges; they are obviously capable of studying for a first degree, but some are afraid of facing disappointment and choosing an easier way out. The team is nearly exhausted from empowering the kids by all means. Yet, how meek is human nature. Any minor drawback in preparation for the public examination could knock down the little aspiration of the kids. In the meantime, the bible verse lights up my hope: “You know how badly we had been treated at Philippi just before we came to you and how much we suffered there. Yet our God gave us the courage to declare his Good News to you boldly, despite great opposition. – 1 Thessalonians 2:2” Christians in the 1st century found their life purpose directly from the salvation of Jesus. Nothing could stop them from accomplishing their mission, not by their abilities but by Jesus himself. The kids may not be stronger than they think, but when they accept their godly nature, they no longer look down on themselves for their company Jesus will at least not allow them to be weak anymore.