I have a way of examining if I am making godly decisions. They may not necessarily lead to favorite outcomes, but I am accountable for making faithful decisions. It comes from an intriguing conversation between a pair of twins recorded in the book of Genesis. Elder brother Esau had the endowed firstborn right that implied a particularly close relationship with the Lord, while Jacob, the younger brother, was innately competitive. Not sure if Esau was driven by his self-pride, he demanded food from Jacob after wild hunting: “Quick, I’m starved! Give me some of your stew!” Jacob might have a long desire for the blessing from the Lord. He grasped the opportunity and claimed a trade for the firstborn right. Was the stew delicious and eye-pleasing? Esau made the deal. He showed contempt for the relationship with the Lord. John has noticed that everything in the world is just the lust of the flesh, the lust of eyes, and the pride of life. They are not from the Lord but from the world. (1 John 2:16). If my decisions are being guided primarily by my self-pride or my desire for physical fulfillment and despise the relationship with the Lord, I am very likely making bad decisions, as Esau did.