Since the first day we have been on the earth, we have been changing. From our body shape to our thought patterns, the change never stops. Change is our living core. The Lord should have given us the ability to face change. Yet, our ability to resist change is more significant instead. Even though we know some better new ways to deal with our daily problems, we would rather choose the familiar old way to avoid looking awkward. Some teachers believe that interactive classrooms can engage students in learning, but they have been used to instruct directly for many years. They are reluctant to take the risk of trying a pedagogy that they have not mastered. Interestingly, the new method we discover on our own we use with pleasure and satisfaction. We may even share our happiness proactively. Perhaps we all love to initiate change, but not to be changed. Those who initiate change have a clear picture of what the change looks like, but those who have been changed can only follow with the full mind of question marks. Similarly, leaders lead community change. They know what the change looks like, but the rest of the community often follows with the full mind of question marks. Leaders may not lead to enhancement, but changes made by the Lord are bound to be blessings. “Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for there I will make your family into a great nation. – Genesis 46:3” Though there should be full of question marks, Jacob followed the change made by the Lord, and eventually became a nation.