The kid asks his father what makes wars. The father starts his Sunday sermon with Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Saying the attack comes from Russia’s unlimited wishes. The mother then joins the conversation with a wider perspective. She reminds the kid that it is just your dad’s view. Saying the attack comes from Ukraine’s irresponsible decisions. At this moment, the father asks: “Does the kid ask you or me?”. The mother rushes into the bedroom angrily and slams the door shut. In a condensed air, the kid says to his father, “You don’t need to explain what makes wars; I think I see it.” People claim “Truth does not fear contention.” I know not much about international conflicts, but the conflicts around us are rarely issues of right and wrong. Instead, they always root in our arrogance. Before explaining war, we come to war. As a result, “When pride comes, so does shame - Proverbs 11:2”. Many people are savage and absurd, but few consider themselves as just one of them. As the Lord’s ambassadors on earth, Paul encourages us, “Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone. - Romans 12:18.” Some people wonder if relationships are prior to righteousness. I think we sometimes overestimate our status in the Lord’s eyes. Paul is more like reminding us that we are just one of those people who can’t let go of our “face” and act arrogant.