Whenever I work out a SWOT analysis for the school, the ‘strengths and weaknesses’ duality confuses me. Obedient kids are, of course, adorable in the eyes of teachers and parents. Still, if obedience is just a blind submission to the majority or authority, it is more like a limitation on human growth. In terms of physical strength, David is weaker than Goliath; but in terms of tactics, David’s advantage is obvious. Experienced teacher is a school’s intangible asset, but if the experience leads to stagnation, it is detrimental to the school’s development. “Moses again pleaded, Lord, please! Send anyone else. - Exodus 4:13.” Moses was not a hypocrite. He was certainly not articulate, for his refusal angered even the Lord. Yet, the Lord saw him in another view. The Lord created his tongue and should also give him the proper words. Moses understood his limitations, but that was exactly the advantage the Lord valued. Prompt and decisive are the signatures of smart people. But only patience and humility allow us to quiet before the Lord and listen to His voice before making decisions. Not by common sense, but our foresight and insight determine our characteristics as strengths or limitations. Foresight is the ability to overpass the present, foreseeing the growth path that the Lord has already prepared for us; Insight is the ability to get rid of secular values and assess our strengths and limitations with the Lord’s view.