In history, leaders are, most simply, people with influence. The influence can be negative. The Bible has mentioned seven things the Lord detests: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, killing hands, a wicked heart, evil feet, false witness, and a person who sows discord in a family (Proverbs 6: 16-19). Or positive, like helping people to identify their limitations and strengths. Leadership must not be exercised only by the person with a formal position. As a student, influences can be on friends, family, and our various social relationships. Certainly, Leaders can be the teachers up front in the classroom and parents at home. They can also be the students to whom other students look up, neighbors in the community, or church members. In Henrietta, the kids are equipped to be faithful leaders. The focus should be not just on the training activities for leaders but more on developing their characters. We have developed various measures that help the kids encounter challenges in interpersonal relationships, building their globalized service mind, and in light of the secular culture around them. We also value the kids’ spiritual walk with God, the heart of the “Neighbor Watch.” We are sure that the program is His delight. After the program, we have all witnessed a positive change in the kids. They could all identify their limitations. And strengths!