As the third generation in a Christian family, God raised me from nobody. He built me with my original family and developed my own family with day-by-day spiritual refreshments. In my career, though I constantly encountered challenges in personnel management, He strengthened me with my wife and my arrows (my children). Spiritually speaking, even if my heart was not pure and I was always struggling between God’s calling and self-ambition, He gave me a clear assignment in 2002 to equip faith leaders in the next generation and has been walking with me through dark valleys for nearly 17 years. He led me to serve in the current noble leadership position with constant encouragement, and I have been serving in this position for nearly four years. He helped me to achieve work-life balance through regular church life and fruitful family dynamics. Though I am under high pressure in my service, prayer, bible reading, and devotion are my sources of godly strength. His guidance in the past is also evidence that He is always faithful to me. As my current service allows me to develop networks with various NGOs and missionaries, I expect that I can devote myself more as an agent between the secular education system and His mission. That’s why I have a spiritual expectation for our brand new project, “Neighbor Watch.”