The Bible recognizes our desires for success, positively impacting the world. “A man desiring the leading position desires good work. (1 Timothy 3:1)” The life of a leader is complicated. It involves head and heart, skills and competencies, and character and spiritual values. Yet, inner motivation instead of outward incentives drives effective leadership. Countless leaders in the past verified that intangible qualities of human beings matter more in leadership than the skills and techniques that can be measured. When we realize that we can influence people, we must consider whether our influence will bring positive or negative changes. In other words, we must think about following the world or following Jesus. Conversely, when we have received the salvation of Jesus, we should pray to Him for a greater influence and to see a larger harvest in front of us. Many schools will arrange for students to travel to developed cities to see their technology and accomplishments; they may also visit local tertiary institutes to explore their future opportunities. The learning effectiveness of these exchange activities is real. In fact, some students study hard because they have seen the achievements of others. But what kind of leaders will it make for the future? I still choose to take our kids to serve in poor to see the needs in different places. Therefore, not for self-ambition, our kids study hard because of their compassion for others.