I have a particular interest in study tours. Some places induce the kids to be greedy or compassionate, while others do neither. I remember the time I took students to Surabaya, Indonesia, before the pandemic for a service-learning trip. We wanted to teach the kids to show gratitude to their domestic helpers by cooking their families a meal. After returning to Hong Kong, one of the kids’ mothers asked me what I said to her child during the trip. It turned out that the kid, who was always on his smartphone before the trip, had been inspired by the experience and decided to pursue a medical career. Although he didn’t achieve his goal, I admired his ambition. He is now a “Bio-chem” undergraduate. As a school principal, I believe that study tours can be a valuable educational experience. While visiting big and developed cities can be an excellent opportunity for the kids to learn about the world and see what others have achieved, I prefer that our school’s study tours focus on serving and helping impoverished communities in developing regions. I want to instill in our kids a compassionate heart and desire to impact the world around them positively.