Making decisions per the Lord’s will may not bring us favorable outcomes, not because of our wicked minds but because the Lord’s thoughts are higher than ours. No matter how godly our desire is, it may be a tiny part of the Lord’s plan. Pursuing our wish reluctantly may win a battle but lose the war. David demonstrated embarrassment all the time. The Lord once allowed David to save the Keilah people with his team. Yet, the cowards followed the plan with strong reluctance, and more embarrassingly, the Lord revealed that the Keilah people would betray them for self-defense later. Obeying the Lord’s leadership seemed to put David in a difficult position. He needed to handle the complaints of his team and bear the stigma of being betrayed due to his wrong judgment. But looking further, the rescue equipped the mob to become David’s warriors; later, Keilah surrendered to David too. “Who are those who fear the LORD? He will show them the path they should choose. – Psalm 25:12.” It is not easy to seek and obey the Lord’s guidance. Still, when we are willing to follow Him, the grace may not be seen immediately, but it will definitely be the best in the long run.