Brilliant youngsters were reported every year for their brilliant performance in the public examination. I once dreamed of being one of them. Neither do I have a smart outward appearance nor a beautiful academic track record. I might be regarded as a typical loser in this widely-recognized, highly competitive society. As I did not have a good start, people might think my path should be filled with difficulties. To be honest, there were obstacles, and my life path was challenging. But the obstacles did not stop me from moving forward, and they made me stronger. Not because I am incredibly positive in facing challenges, for I know the truth: “People judge others by the visible outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the inner heart. 1 Samuel 16:7.” The Lord focuses on our heart and our relationship with Him, not on our measurable strengths. David defeated Goliath, for he strove to become beautiful on the inside. Walking with God causes me to reflect on His beauty from within.