Dear comrade

“The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice. – Proverbs 12:15.”

That’s why building a team is the most significant thing an effective leader should do. The book I am going to share claims that a team is built by motivation and protection. It strengthens my belief that a good leader is not the one who has power but the one who can empower.

The Way of the Shepherd:Through a thought-provoking story of a green reporter, the book summarizes seven principles that remind us don’t be arrogant lone rangers.

#1—Know the condition of our flock:We can’t lead who we don’t know. Many well-intentional teachers focus on teaching schedule but not on the students. Similarly, good leaders know that it is their people who make the school success. The team will enhance as we take time to discover their goals and struggles.

#2—Discover the shape of our sheep:SHAPE is an acronym of:
~ Strengths: Do we know their ability?
~ Heart: Do we know their life purpose?
~ Attitude: Both optimistic and pessimistic are contagious.
~ Personality: Put them in posts that reflect their natural self.
~ Experience: Listen to their story to fit them in the team.

#3—Help our sheep identify with us:Good leaders expose their vulnerable side. We build trust by letting our guard down so our team can see our qualities and our sense of life. Relentlessly communicate our values and sense of mission. Set high standards of performance.

#4—Make our pasture a safe place:Create people a sense of calm by:
~ Keep them well-informed
~ Cull chronic instigators
~ Regularly rotate to fresh pasture
~ Reassure them by being present

#5—The staff of direction:We must know where we are going and keep our flock on the move with persuasion rather than coercion. Constantly encourage our flock to move to greener pastures.

#6—The rod of correction:The staff represents our responsibility to direct; the rod represents our responsibility to correct. The shepherd uses the rod in three ways: Protection, Correction, & Inspection

#7—The heart of the shepherd:If we want our people to go above and beyond, they must see our passion. If it’s greatness that we want, it’s greatness that we must give.

Your principal,
Kenneth H. Ng