Learner diversity does not only refer to learning ability but also to the utilization of different personal strengths to enhance learning effectiveness. It is a pity that many teachers still do not have a comprehensive view of it. The discourse of the diversity is only capable and incapable. The measures on the variety are only enrichment and remedial. The Bible said: “This person has been given the words of wisdom by the Holy Spirit, and that person has also been given the words of knowledge by the Holy Spirit… so that one can perform miracles, one can be a prophet, one can distinguish spirits, and one can being able to speak in tongues means that one person can translate dialects.-1 Corinthians: 12:8-10.” In other words, human diversity is far more than able and unable. What is more frightening is that most Hong Kong parents treat their children with the same ignorance, and the ignorance has already broken logs of parent-child relationships.