Parents have a common concern on the “addiction” of using mobile phone. We usually ask if the school has any effective measures to ‘prohibit’ children using mobile. As an educator, we understand that every coin has two sides. Communication technology, to a certain extent, facilitates effective learning and teaching. Still, it brings various kinds of unfavorable problems to children’s growth, like physical wellness and interpersonal relationships. Fortunately, we have Jesus. He can break the power of addiction in our life. “Don’t be drunk with wine because that will ruin your life. Instead, be filled with the Holy Spirit. – Ephesians 5:18.” It is pressing to acknowledge the destructiveness of our addiction. And it is important to seek help from the Lord. Recently, I have seen a documentary on NetFlix named “Social Dilemma.” It claims that escaping from the control of the mobile network nearly impossible. Yet, I still believe that we have the ultimate power to overcome addiction with God’s help.