Celebration with the elderly with “Action Care”

Cathy Chung from 5A

It was such a great opportunity to participate in this activity. Not only can I help to celebrate the festival with the elderly, but I also learned some valuable skills. From organizing the event, we prepared a lot for the games and the solutions in case of any emergencies. I was satisfied and relieved when I saw them smiling or laughing during the activity. It was not an easy task to take care of them, so good communication was needed for the volunteers. Moreover, I was observant, so I could offer help whenever people needed it. I appreciate every effort we’ve made. It is my first time volunteering for the elderly, and I’m delighted that I am one of them. It is more blessed to give than to receive.
5B 黃世隆
4A 江銘澤
5A 洪曉琪
發現其實長者想要的很簡單, 陪伴和聆聽是他們需要的。只要多關心他們,便足以溫暖他們一整天。
5C 鍾千欣
5A 余凱欣