Congratulations to 5A Fung Lok Tin

5A Fung Lok Tin got 3 awards in the Maritime History and Curating Competition. The details are as follows:

2 Silver Awards
– Outstanding Research Paper
– Outstanding Ship Model

Bronze Award
– Most Popular Exhibition Corner

My Maritime History Journey
5A Fung Lok Tin

In July 2021, I took part in the Gifted Education Fund – Maritime History and Curating program. I spent over 6 months honing my skills in research and academic writing, both of which I had no prior experience in. The most important lesson I learned from the program was that learning is not limited to a fixed school curriculum, instead, it is a lifelong process with no set rules – as long as it suits you, you may learn in any way you like.

Finally, through the program, I was given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hold an exhibition in the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. I was honoured to have my teachers and the headmaster visit my exhibition. To me, their appreciation was the high point of this whole experience, as it was the moment I felt all the effort had finally paid off.



5A 馮樂天同學在「舟游亙古」學生作品展覽暨策展比賽榮獲以下獎項:

優秀論文 銀獎
優秀模型船 銀獎
最受歡迎展覽閣 銅獎