Congratulations to TitanX (Sponsored by Project Aspirer)

Congratulation to TitanX, our Formula One team (Sponsored by the HSS Project Aspirer), obtained the 2nd runner-up in “F1 in Schools,” a territory-wide STEM contest organized by the Hong Kong Production Council.

Review after the contest -TitanX

Though our reviewed design is better than our first, there are still rooms to improve. For example, the front wings of our design are not high enough. It does not allow the air to flow to both sides. To solve the problem, the wings could be made curved backward. Air could therefore be guided to the back wheels. It also allows the air to flow towards the rear wings.

Other than that, the rear wings could be made less curved. It is because the “fishing line” of our design is attached to the bottom of the car, which could lessen the “downforce.” In addition, a little board could be put below the rear wings so as to separate the flow of “high-pressure” and “low-pressure,” to prevent the formation of a vortex.