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4C蔡嘉俊, 4D何溢韜及6A吳嘉峻 (作品名稱: 晴空未來)
4A鄧心如及5A黃予霜 (作品名稱: Timeless)

On-stage interview with MC

TANG Sum-yu

Q1 Where did you get your inspiration?

We got our inspiration from the speech of our principal, Mr. Ng, about being extraordinary and pursuing our dreams against all odds. This belief has long lived in our hearts and explained how we got inspired.

Q2 What is the message of your song? / What is your song about?

This song reminds us that everything is possible. We just need to step back and take a look at our progress when everything seems beyond reach. If you take a closer look at the lyrics, you can see that the start of the song describes our feeling down when everything seems impossible. After deep thinking, we realize that we are not alone – there are our family, friends,  our teachers and beloved ones standing by us. They could help us get through this hard time and bring us out of the darkness. At last, this sense of comfort and support pushes and motivates us to go forward. We truly hope that this song can cheer you up (regardless of your age). 

Q3 Which part of your song do you want to highlight?

It would definitely be the last part of the song “You’ll see If you believe Just believe”. We often feel lost, but when we believe in ourselves and believe that everything will work out, we can abandon the negative thoughts and see hope in the future. Everything will come together and turn out all right.

Q4 What is the challenging part you met?

The most challenging part was writing the lyrics. Finding the right words to express our thoughts was not easy. We were both kind of lost during the process but thanks to the speech of Mr. Ng, we finally sorted out the problems and were able to present our thoughts and come up with lyrics that match the melody.

Q5 What have you learnt from the experience? / How is the experience beneficial for the future?

We gained a lot from joining the SOW Creative Singing Contest. First, we deeply appreciate the EDB’s efforts to organize this competition. The competition provided opportunities for students to explore what they are capable of achieving and unleash their potential. What we gained from this experience is way beyond the music level. It’s about life. Adolescence is an important stage in life as it shapes our future. With the experiences gained from joining the SOW Creative Singing Contest, I get to explore my interests and talents and begin my journey as a singer and song-writer.