Find true rest in God’s love

Dear All,

Today our topic is Rest.

We are all looking for something in life. Do you want to know who we are, what is our worth?

We look for them in, first, achievements. We feel we are better if we have good grades, or talents in music, arts or sports. And we feel we are worthless and unimportant when we don’t get satisfying results or when we seem to be not good at anything. Secondly, We may also look for our worth and who we are in relationship. We want to be loved and accepted my family and friends or even by boyfriend and girlfriend. But when people do not meet are expectations, we feel disappointed, betrayed and abandoned. Thirdly the world have always taught us define who we are in our worth through our appearance. We put on mask and pretend we are doing well and okay when we are not. 

However, most of the time we neglect it when our spirit feels tired. How then, can we find true rest in our lives? It’s actually in God‘s love. God is love and God is the source of life. It is only when we connect with God‘s love and his truth, knowing and believing who we are in him will we find true rest. He has an amazing plan for each one of us to live a full life in his love. There are much more truths of who we are in God and who God is in the Bible, the loving word of God to us. You can discover them if you seek. When we root our identity, our self-worth in God‘s love and truth, we will find true rest.

May God‘s love be with you.

English morning assembly prepared by YWAM Gateway, a group of missionaries from different nations.