Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) Programme

By 5A Tang Tsun Lam
JENESYS Programme 10.12.2023 (DAY 1)
Tokyo, a cinematic mosaic in motion, Shibuya flows, towers gleam, cherry blossoms whisper. Each corner, a scene, the city breathes stories, uniting tradition and tomorrow in a vibrant script.
JENESYS Programme 11.12.2023 (DAY 2)
I learned about the history and importance of eloquent manners through an etiquette lesson. Nonverbal communication is quite significant! I’ve also understood the cultural context and significance behind the Japanese adherence to rules and etiquette, gaining a deeper sense of cultural empathy. Senso-ji is the oldest and most revered Buddhist temple in Tokyo. In front of the temple lies a bustling shopping street, offering an array of Tokyo souvenirs that made me linger and reluctant to leave.
JENESYS Programme 12.12.2023 (DAY 3) 📍Tokyo →📍Kyoto
Going to Kyoto by “Shinkansen” is one of the most iconic experiences in Japan. It’s hard to describe my excitement; I’ve only seen it in anime, and now it’s becoming a reality. The homestay has allowed me to immerse myself in authentic Japanese local culture. My host grandparents (おじいちゃんとおばあちゃん) have been incredibly kind. Despite my lack of Japanese language skills, they’ve been attentive and patient with my use of Google Translate. Together, we cooked dinner and harvested carrots from their garden. I had the pleasure of tasting Strawberry Daifuku prepared by おばあちゃん, and the rice 🍚 grown by おじいちゃん was exceptional. I’m deeply grateful for their hospitality. おもてなしに感謝致します。I truly believe that with enough sincerity, language barriers can be overcome.