K-pop Cover (Love Dive) 追夢者計劃”Project Aspirer”完成作品

Project Summary: To make a short video recording of a K-pop dance performance.

5D Hera Wong

I have learned more about choreography and the importance of quality communication with team members through managing the project. Memorizing steps and lyrics, to me, was challenging. Quality communication between members with different perspectives and effective time management were also critical to ensure success.

5D Sima Chan

The project allows me to exercise my strengths and understand my limitations. It was my first time to manage a K-pop team, and the process was challenging. I found, from it, that I am good at communication but weak in details processing. It was a great harvest for my learning.

5D Eunice Tsoi

I have learned that good interpersonal relationship is the best way to ensure quality communication within the team. In the process, we always needed to consider the thoughts and feelings of team members. Technically, I am good at memorizing the steps and rhyme, but file editing was challenging.

Launched in 2021, “Project Aspirer” aims to encourage kids to realize their dreams through financing and providing in-kind support to their self-initiated projects. The kids take the initiative to plan and manage their projects under the teachers’ supervision. The proposed project should be in line with the school motto, namely, “Faith to the Lord,” “Love to global neighbors,” “Loyalty to learning,” and “Honesty to leading.” Successful projects include the lyrics and composition, the production of a song album, and the organization of a “Formula-one” team.

Meanwhile, we are delighted to know that a team of kids initiated a social service project to serve the elderly in the Island East. Through participating in “Project Aspirer,” our kids have gained much hands-on experience in their areas of interest, which further motivated them to realize their potential and challenge themselves beyond the boundaries of the classrooms.