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Celebration with the elderly with “Action Care”

Cathy Chung from 5A

It was such a great opportunity to participate in this activity. Not only can I help to celebrate the festival with the elderly, but I also learned some valuable skills. From organizing the event, we prepared a lot for the games and the solutions in case of any emergencies. I was satisfied and relieved when I saw them smiling or laughing during the activity. It was not an easy task to take care of them, so good communication was needed for the volunteers. Moreover, I was observant, so I could offer help whenever people needed it. I appreciate every effort we’ve made. It is my first time volunteering for the elderly, and I’m delighted that I am one of them. It is more blessed to give than to receive.
5B 黃世隆
4A 江銘澤
5A 洪曉琪
發現其實長者想要的很簡單, 陪伴和聆聽是他們需要的。只要多關心他們,便足以溫暖他們一整天。
5C 鍾千欣
5A 余凱欣

K-pop Cover (Love Dive) 追夢者計劃”Project Aspirer”完成作品

Project Summary: To make a short video recording of a K-pop dance performance.

5D Hera Wong

I have learned more about choreography and the importance of quality communication with team members through managing the project. Memorizing steps and lyrics, to me, was challenging. Quality communication between members with different perspectives and effective time management were also critical to ensure success.

5D Sima Chan

The project allows me to exercise my strengths and understand my limitations. It was my first time to manage a K-pop team, and the process was challenging. I found, from it, that I am good at communication but weak in details processing. It was a great harvest for my learning.

5D Eunice Tsoi

I have learned that good interpersonal relationship is the best way to ensure quality communication within the team. In the process, we always needed to consider the thoughts and feelings of team members. Technically, I am good at memorizing the steps and rhyme, but file editing was challenging.

Launched in 2021, “Project Aspirer” aims to encourage kids to realize their dreams through financing and providing in-kind support to their self-initiated projects. The kids take the initiative to plan and manage their projects under the teachers’ supervision. The proposed project should be in line with the school motto, namely, “Faith to the Lord,” “Love to global neighbors,” “Loyalty to learning,” and “Honesty to leading.” Successful projects include the lyrics and composition, the production of a song album, and the organization of a “Formula-one” team.

Meanwhile, we are delighted to know that a team of kids initiated a social service project to serve the elderly in the Island East. Through participating in “Project Aspirer,” our kids have gained much hands-on experience in their areas of interest, which further motivated them to realize their potential and challenge themselves beyond the boundaries of the classrooms.

環保聖誕樹2022 (STEM.S project)

(STEM.S) – S for Service









More Details:

Merry Christmas!

I love the frantic of the season.
I love the warmth we develop for one another on campus.
I love the spirit expressed in kindness toward others.
I love to feel the excitement as purely and honestly as the kids do.
I love to be around my kids during the season.
But I especially love the message the teachers remind us that Jesus is the host of the party. Without Him, who pays the bill? Henrietta is a blessed community where Jesus is with us all the time, but for many people out there is not really peaceful. “Premarital sex, domestic violence, suicide, homicide,…
Without Jesus, who pays the bill?

Congratulations to TitanX (Sponsored by Project Aspirer)

Congratulation to TitanX, our Formula One team (Sponsored by the HSS Project Aspirer), obtained the 2nd runner-up in “F1 in Schools,” a territory-wide STEM contest organized by the Hong Kong Production Council.

Review after the contest -TitanX

Though our reviewed design is better than our first, there are still rooms to improve. For example, the front wings of our design are not high enough. It does not allow the air to flow to both sides. To solve the problem, the wings could be made curved backward. Air could therefore be guided to the back wheels. It also allows the air to flow towards the rear wings.

Other than that, the rear wings could be made less curved. It is because the “fishing line” of our design is attached to the bottom of the car, which could lessen the “downforce.” In addition, a little board could be put below the rear wings so as to separate the flow of “high-pressure” and “low-pressure,” to prevent the formation of a vortex.

商業計劃書比賽 2022

商業計劃書比賽 2022

想像無限 由你策劃


5B Wang Wing Ki

I’m so grateful that we can enter the final round and have a chance to communicate with other school members so I can benefit from them. I can actually gain new insights from that. 

Moreover, I can apply the knowledge I have learned from the lessons to the competition and express our innovative ideas to others. All in all, it’s a memorable and meaningful experience.


5A 余凱欣









5B 杜成章





蟬聯榜首 勇奪冠亞🎉

冠軍 顯理中學 鄭偉唯 《致迷失的自己》
冠軍 顯理中學 鄧心如 《雨後》
亞軍 顯理中學 黃予霜 《Dancing in the city》
冠軍 4A 鄧心如
1. 歌曲靈感
2. 獲獎感想
亞軍 5A 黃予霜
1. 歌曲靈感
2. 獲獎感想
3. 歌曲訊息



男子甲組 —— 冠軍

女子甲組 —— 亞軍


Creating • Appreciation • Performing Music Competition




4C蔡嘉俊, 4D何溢韜及6A吳嘉峻 (作品名稱: 晴空未來)
4A鄧心如及5A黃予霜 (作品名稱: Timeless)

On-stage interview with MC

TANG Sum-yu

Q1 Where did you get your inspiration?

We got our inspiration from the speech of our principal, Mr. Ng, about being extraordinary and pursuing our dreams against all odds. This belief has long lived in our hearts and explained how we got inspired.

Q2 What is the message of your song? / What is your song about?

This song reminds us that everything is possible. We just need to step back and take a look at our progress when everything seems beyond reach. If you take a closer look at the lyrics, you can see that the start of the song describes our feeling down when everything seems impossible. After deep thinking, we realize that we are not alone – there are our family, friends,  our teachers and beloved ones standing by us. They could help us get through this hard time and bring us out of the darkness. At last, this sense of comfort and support pushes and motivates us to go forward. We truly hope that this song can cheer you up (regardless of your age). 

Q3 Which part of your song do you want to highlight?

It would definitely be the last part of the song “You’ll see If you believe Just believe”. We often feel lost, but when we believe in ourselves and believe that everything will work out, we can abandon the negative thoughts and see hope in the future. Everything will come together and turn out all right.

Q4 What is the challenging part you met?

The most challenging part was writing the lyrics. Finding the right words to express our thoughts was not easy. We were both kind of lost during the process but thanks to the speech of Mr. Ng, we finally sorted out the problems and were able to present our thoughts and come up with lyrics that match the melody.

Q5 What have you learnt from the experience? / How is the experience beneficial for the future?

We gained a lot from joining the SOW Creative Singing Contest. First, we deeply appreciate the EDB’s efforts to organize this competition. The competition provided opportunities for students to explore what they are capable of achieving and unleash their potential. What we gained from this experience is way beyond the music level. It’s about life. Adolescence is an important stage in life as it shapes our future. With the experiences gained from joining the SOW Creative Singing Contest, I get to explore my interests and talents and begin my journey as a singer and song-writer.