Sharing of HSS Badminton Team

Dare to Dream. Ready to Achieve!
Congratulations to our HSS Badminton Team players again – on their outstanding results for both the MALE & FEMALE TEAM! Below are some sharing from our Students!

6E Wong Kwun Sun

This year was my last Inter-School Competition, and I ended up with a silver medal summarizing the past six years. As the Badminton Team captain, I am proud of my teammates. Although everyone was exhausted after school on weekdays, they still spent a lot of time training. We achieved such good results because of our perseverance in training, giving up meal time after school every day, and rushing to sports centers for practices. Hard work has paid off indeed. During these six years of training, I did not only learn how to play badminton but also learned the importance of persistence. Finally, I would like to thank our students and teachers for their support and encouragement. I also hope other teammates will continue working hard and achieving great results in the coming years.

5D Tam Hoi Kiu

During the pandemic, we faced different obstacles, including the pause of training for 3 months because of the fifth wave of COVID-19, and the competition was constantly postponed. This was quite annoying as we had to keep our standard by regularly honing our skills. Fortunately, I have the most supportive teammates who always support and encourage me during my badminton journey.
I would also like to take this precious opportunity to thank our teacher advisors, Mr. Summer Li and Miss Hannah Shum, and also our dear coaches, Mr. Chan and Mr. Tse, as they stand by us in every training and competition and always believe in us even when we do not believe in ourselves. This year’s competitions will be one of the most remarkable moments in my secondary school life. Thanks to this badminton journey, I learned how to release my stress, and I know that I have a lot of support from teachers, teammates, friends, and family.

5A Lam Ka Wing

I am so grateful that we have won the 4th place in the Inter-school Badminton Competition (Division 2), especially during the pandemic – a time when so many uncertainties occur. Thank God, teammates, coaches, and my parents for all their support. I would also like to express my gratitude towards badminton for all the ups and downs “you” have given me. Not only do I learn how to overcome hardships and insurmountable obstacles, I have also grown through such a memorable experience with my teammates, who always push me beyond limits. They always inspire me to become both a better badminton player and a better person. I am so lucky to be part of the HSS Badminton Team!

5A Ben Or

8th July was definitely a memorable day for me. After everything I had gone through with my teammates and teachers, we finally won the First Runner-up in the Inter-School Badminton Competition.
Whether an audience or a contestant, this was a totally different experience. As a contestant, I am always worried about my performance as this will highly affect whether the whole team can proceed to the next stage, but I am grateful to have some supportive teammates who always encourage me and calm me down when I feel stressed. In fact, being in the audience makes me even more nervous. My hands kept sweating when the scores were tight. But I believe we have strong morale as we always shout and cheer for one another. Reflecting on the whole process, I can feel the team’s bonding and spirit, regardless of the results.
In fact, I always like to observe others while we are practicing. The experience of having a group of people dedicated to the same target is great. They always inspire me to cherish the process rather than the winning or losing. Perhaps that’s why I would like to join the badminton team first: my passion for badminton.
Also, I would like to express my greatest gratitude to the Principal, teachers, and coaches. Mr. Tse and Mr. Chan always train us on our technical skills, whereas Mr. Summer Li and Miss Hannah Shum are like our friends who support us with all the miscellaneous work, like overseeing our practices and registering for competitions. I know this must not be easy, but I appreciate all their help and accompaniment.
My biggest regret is not joining the badminton team when I was in Form 1. From a kid who knew nothing, I honed better badminton skills and learned a lot of life lessons throughout every practice and match. Our senior is graduating soon, and I will then have to take up the leading role soon. Frankly speaking, I am worried. I am not good at teaching junior form students and expressing myself, but I know it will get better when I take the first step. People come and go in a team. I hope our junior form teammates can inherit all the good qualities we embrace and continue contributing to the school in the coming years by pushing ourselves beyond limits.
All in all, I really appreciate all the accompany of our teachers and friends, who witnessed our growth and shared all the memorable moments with us. I love HSS! I love the HSS badminton team!

4D Wong Hiu Ying

This game helped me realize the importance of teamwork and experience the love of my teammates. This year, we faced a bigger challenge as there were no more singles and doubles, but a competition consisted of only five single matches – where each of us could only participate in one. From the group stage to the semi-finals, we worked together as a team by discussing strategies and chanting support outside the court.
Even though we faced many challenges and difficulties throughout the tournaments, like getting injured and having no practice for a few months, our spirit never diminished. We always practiced hard whenever we had time, even when it meant having less time to eat and rest. Although we sometimes lost, everyone endeavors to get more scores in each match, and we have won each other’s appreciation and trust. I will always cherish this experience and play better the next year.

4A Chu Dareh Cosmo Go

I am very glad that our whole team could win the first Runner-up in the competition. First, I would like to express my greatest gratitude to our handsome Principal and lovely teachers, especially Mr. Li, Miss Shum, and Mr. Tse, for supporting us all the way to the finals and Mr. Yu for taking all the videos in the finals. I really appreciate how they helped our badminton team by preparing all the documents and buying energy bars for us to replenish our energy on that day. We all have paid a lot of effort into this important event. We even practice 3 times a week with Mr. Tse, 3 hours each time. I also want to thank Mr. Tse for honing our badminton skills, teaching us attack and defense strategies, and even caring about our feelings. If it weren’t for Mr. Tse, we would have never made it to the finals. He inspires me a lot and encourages us to excel. Finally, I would like to thank God for allowing me to encounter Him in my life. I hope that the HSS Badminton Team can be stronger and develop an unbreakable team spirit in the future.

4A Lee King Yeung

It’s completely a surprise to become the first Runner-up in this competition. We have faced competitions we thought we would lose, and we thought we might ultimately get eliminated. In the end, we are still able to defeat them. It is no doubt that our skills or techniques might not be the best compared to our opponents in the round of sixteen and the quarter-finals. However, our strategies and vibes prevail! It is meant to be a member of the HSS badminton team.
After this competition, I felt happy and satisfied. This game was also unforgettable to me – thanks to the efforts of my teammates. I was grateful to reach the final four with the boys’ team.
In fact, in the first game, I was very nervous and gave myself a lot of pressure. That’s why I didn’t perform well at first. Thankfully, after the half-time break, I regained my confidence, and the situation gradually improved. Although I lost the game, I still enjoyed the entire process.
The second game was relatively not as tense as the first one, probably because I was already familiar with the nervousness, so I could win without pressure. Still, competing with the opposing team brought me valuable experiences.
I understand that winning or losing and the game’s score is not the most important thing, but to relax, enjoy the process, and not put too much pressure on myself.
I am very grateful to the opponents I played with this time, and I am also very grateful to our Principal, Mr. Ng, teachers, and all the teammates around me for cheering me up and bringing me a lot of motivation. I will learn from this valuable experience and prepare for future competitions.